adj. and adv. -er, -est, n.
1) situated, placed, or occurring not far above the ground, floor, or base:
a low shelf[/ex]
2) of small extent upward:
a low fence[/ex]
3) not far above the horizon:
The moon was low in the sky[/ex]
4) lying below the general level:
low ground[/ex]
5) being near sea level and esp. near the sea:
low country[/ex]
6) bending downward; deep:
a low bow[/ex]
7) clo décolleté:
a low neckline[/ex]
8) rising but slightly from a surface:
a low relief on a frieze[/ex]
9) of less than average or normal height or depth:
The river is low this time of year[/ex]
10) near the first of a series:
a low number[/ex]
11) ranked near the beginning or bottom on a scale of measurement:
a low income bracket[/ex]
12) most discouraging or debased:
the low point in his life[/ex]
13) lacking strength or vigor; listless
14) depressed or dejected
15) of small number, amount, degree, force, or intensity:
low visibility; a low output[/ex]
16) indicated or represented by a low number:
a low latitude[/ex]
17) soft: subdued; not loud:
a low murmur[/ex]
18) mad deep in pitch
19) assigning or attributing little value:
a low estimate of a new book[/ex]
20) containing a relatively small amount or number (sometimes used in combination):
a diet low in starches; low-calorie foods[/ex]
21) nearing depletion:
low on funds[/ex]
22) humble:
of low birth[/ex]
23) of inferior quality:
a low grade of fabric[/ex]
24) base; disreputable:
low companions[/ex]
25) coarse; vulgar:
entertainment of a low sort[/ex]
26) bio Biol. having a relatively simple structure; primitive
27) phn (of a vowel) articulated with a relatively large opening above the tongue, as the vowels of hat, hot, and ought
Compare high 20)
28) aum pertaining to the gear transmission ratio at which the drive shaft moves at the lowest speed with relation to the speed of the engine crankshaft; first
29) spo (of a pitched ball) passing the plate at a level below that of the batter's knees:
a low curve[/ex]
30) brit. rel holding to Low Church principles and practices
31) in or to a low position, point, or degree:
crouched low in the bushes[/ex]
32) near the ground, floor, or base:
The plane flew low[/ex]
33) in or to a humble or abject state:
swore to bring him low[/ex]
34) in or to a condition of depletion
35) at comparatively small cost:
to buy something low and sell it high[/ex]
36) at or to a low pitch, volume, or intensity
37) something that is low; a low or the lowest point, place, or level:
recent lows in the stock market[/ex]
38) aum a low transmission gear
39) mer an atmospheric low-pressure system; cyclone
Etymology: 1125–75; lowe, lohe, earlier lāh < ON lāgr, c. OFris lēge, lēch, MHG læge low′ness, n. II
[[t]loʊ[/t]] v. i.
1) to utter the deep sound characteristic of cattle; moo
2) to utter by or as if by lowing
3) the act or the sound of lowing
Etymology: bef. 1000; OE hlōwan, c. OHG hluoen; akin to L clāmāre to call out III
[[t]loʊ[/t]] chiefly Scot. v. i.
brit. to burn; blaze
Etymology: 1300–50; ME; cf. lohe, loweflame < ON logi, c. OFris logi; akin to light I

From formal English to slang. 2014.


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